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A magical place in the heart of Turin, Casa del Pingone is a contemporary space perfect for the tourists who would like to visit the city, for the digital nomads, or for those citizens who want to experience an out-of-the-ordinary and cozy atmosphere

The tranquility that is enjoyed in this central but secluded corner of town is an invitation to harmonize with time and nature, and that is why we have chosen to tell the story of Casa del Pingone through the stars that illuminate the sky above it.




Six rooms of different sizes, all well-equipped with care for every detail to offer hospitality that gives both the warmth of a home and the social aspect of a hotel. 

Casa del Pingone is the perfect place to get a traditional drink from Turin. The modern day aperitif, even before Vermouth was formulated, can be credited to the presence of Caterina de Medici in the court of France and it is likely that it is thanks to Filiberto Pingone and his friend, Agostino Bucci, that aperitif was introduced at celebrations in the Savoy court.


The frescoed room, the social table meeting room, the outdoor spaces, as well as the underground floor, are the perfect solution for both private and business events. It is possible to use our restaurant and accommodation services, as well as technical equipment, to organize educational, entertainment and comunication activities both during the day and in the evening.


Our magazine picks up the experience of the journal Cluster which was being edited in Casa del Pingone in the beginning of the 2000s. This new project is much lighter as well as completely online, and its goal is to accompany those who live Casa del Pingone as a base for getting to know the city and its surroundings.